The Living Dharma Center

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Dana Giving

In this world, it is rare to encounter the authentic teaching of Buddha, to have the opportunity in one's life to practice the Way, and rare indeed to have available to one an awakened teacher of the Dharma.  While the Dharma cannot be bought or sold, nevertheless the continuation of the activities of the Living Dharma Center requires a regular contribution of time and finances from members. The practice of giving, Danaparamita, is really a natural manifestation of Prajna, the wisdom of Buddha-Mind, which is the fundamental nature of all human beings. So such giving, without hesitation, with a pure undivided mind, is a manifestation of living beyond fear and suffering and therefore experiencing the fruit of practice.

Taking such responsibility for the ongoing functioning of the Center is to withdraw empowerment from the fearful, grasping, and ungenerous narcissistic ego-self, and instead to empower the trusting and courageous True Self, which it is a function of our practice to have more and more as the foundation of all our living.

We depend on contributions from members to keep our operation going. The Living Dharma Center is a non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. A minimum donation of $25 per month will help to meet the essential cost of renting the zendo. Additional contributions will help defray costs for zazenkai, sesshin, and the website. Checks made out to the Living Dharma Center may be left in the donation box on Tuesday evening or mailed to the address below.

In addition to contributions to the Center, some also give dana to the teacher, who gives generously of his time and his heart. These contributions are given anonymously -- simply leave a check to the LDC flagged for dana for the teacher in the donation box.