The Living Dharma Center of Northampton

Zen Meditation Training and Practice

Zen Meditation Community

TheLiving Dharma Center of Northampton is a community of experienced Zen practitioners dedicated to practicing the Buddha-dharma from the authentic roots of the Zen tradition, unadorned by elaborate rituals or non-Western trappings. The Center is founded upon group meditation (zazen) practice in retreat-based settings including monthly half-day zazenkai and yearly summer sesshin. We provide a supportive setting for strong and sincere zazen practice under the guidance of mature Zen teachers alongside experienced fellow zazen practitioners. Individualized zazen teaching focuses upon breath-practice techniques, shikantaza and koan work assisted by flexible one-on-one guidance (dokusan) from sensei Paul Gerstein


“I put my trust in the perfect and complete Buddha nature within me, and dedicate myself anew to its complete realization in this life.”
.......... from the Four Refuges