The Living Dharma Center

Zen Buddhist Training and Practice

Zen Buddhist Tradition

TheLiving Dharma Center is found in the hearts, minds and daily life of its members,  who are students of the Way of Zen. The Center, as an organization, provides numerous opportunities for study and practice, including weekly zazen meetings in Northampton, MA.

“Although immense suffering is evident in our world today, nevertheless everything is manifesting intrinsic perfection. This seeming paradox cannot be resolved by ordinary thinking. Zen meditation practice enables awakening from illusion, the root cause of suffering, and from the seductions of stories of reality. When the roots of delusion are cut, compassion and kindness can grow, along with wisdom, so the intrinsic perfection of the world can be experienced intimately as one's source, in every moment of life, so that peace and benevolence can prevail. Zen is therefore an invitation to abundant life.

Richard B. Clarke (1933-2013), Founder and First Teacher of The Living Dharma Center